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VESCO MALAYSIA is your top choice for precision and excellence in air forwarding services. Our specialized team, backed by extensive industry knowledge, ensures smooth cargo movement on domestic and international routes. Situated strategically at an airport warehouse, we offer a full spectrum of logistics solutions, from proactive pre-alerts to meticulous execution, optimizing shipment efficiency and security. We recognize the time-critical nature of air freight, using our airport warehouse as a hub to swiftly address your unique needs. Our proactive approach includes pre-alerts to anticipate and resolve potential issues. With a focus on compliance, regulations, and seamless cargo journeys, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

In addition to our air forwarding services, we also excel in sea freight forwarding. Operating from a spacious 60,000 sqft warehouse in Port Klang, we support sea freight with a dedicated fleet of cold chain lorries, including side curtain trucks, refrigerated trucks, and forklifts. Our specialized team is DGR certified, ensuring utmost care for your goods. Our proprietary tracking software offers real-time cargo monitoring, and we enhance preparedness through timely pre-alerts. Leveraging our global logistics provider network, we extend our operations to international destinations with confidence.



Our comprehensive transportation services cover all of Malaysia with a fleet of over 100 vehicles, including Container Haulage, Refrigerated Trucks, Refrigerated Trailers, Crane Trucks, Tailgate Trucks, Side Curtain Trailers, Side Curtain Trucks, Vans, and forklifts. Operating 24/7 with meticulous route planning, we specialize in cold chain logistics, ensuring precise temperature control and real-time tracking. Our certified GDL licensed drivers guarantee the safety of your goods from distributor warehouse to final destination, providing complete coverage for your transportation needs.

Our company VESCO-MTO (M) SDN BHD hold our very own customs license.  We ensure quick and efficient customs clearance with the proper customs compliances, thereby saving our clients time and ease of mind. From customs submission, Duty / Tax Exemptions to Export Manufacturer & Pharmaceutical Bureau, our experienced team got you covered.



At VESCO MALAYSIA, we offer an array of comprehensive packing services that encompass specialized wooden fabrication and palletization techniques. Our skilled team ensures that your cargo is meticulously packed using a combination of treated wood and plastic materials, guaranteeing both security and stability during transit. With a focus on regulatory certifications, our packing solutions meet industry standards, providing you with the assurance of compliant and safe packaging. From delicate items to heavy machinery, our expertise in wooden fabrication and palletization ensures your goods are primed for a smooth journey, every step of the way.

We offer a wide range of warehousing services tailored to your diverse needs. Our state-of-the-art facilities encompass both General and Coldroom warehouses, equipped with advanced temperature monitoring systems to safeguard temperature-sensitive goods. Our warehouses prioritize safety and security, meeting the latest requirements and providing efficient cargo handling with lifting facilities. We simplify inventory management with meticulous record-keeping, offering monthly and INCRA/OUTCRA reports. Our flexible warehousing options, including Racking and Open space solutions, accommodate various storage requirements. Located strategically at KLIA, Port Klang, Sabah, Labuan, and Sarawak, our 100,000 square feet of warehouse space ensures convenient and secure storage, ready for efficient distribution.



We are your reliable partner, offering specialized logistics support tailored to the unique needs of the Oil & Gas sector. Our services encompass sourcing, transporting critical equipment, and managing remote site deliveries, optimizing your supply chain. Whether by air, sea, or land, addressing remote area logistics or ensuring regulatory compliance, our dedicated solutions match your industry's dynamic pace. Partner with us for a tailored Oil & Gas logistics service that not only transports cargo but also enhances operational efficiency and reliability, propelling your operations forward.

In addition to our services, we specialize in Project Cargo Logistics Management. Our expertise in handling intricate and oversized shipments guarantees precise and careful management of your project cargo. From detailed planning to execution, our team's deep industry knowledge ensures efficient transportation and delivery, regardless of size, complexity, or destination. We understand the need for a customized approach in project cargo logistics, and our dedicated team excels in orchestrating every aspect, from sourcing and packaging to regulatory compliance. Whether it's heavy machinery, oversized equipment, or complex components, our experience ensures on-time and optimal delivery. Choose us for Project Cargo Logistics Management and benefit from a service that meticulously manages your cargo's intricate journey, going beyond transportation alone.



 We offer expert Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Parts Services, prioritizing swift and precise solutions for urgent aviation needs. Our team is well-aware of the critical nature of AOG situations and proactively prepares through Pre-Alerts and Pre-Customs EDI submissions, streamlining processes with efficient pre-clearance for Customs and Other Government Agency (OGA) requirements. 


Experience flawless Clinical Trials Delivery Services with our team. We recognize the time-sensitive nature of clinical trial materials and are committed to their seamless transport. Utilizing proactive measures like Pre-Alerts and Pre-Customs EDI, we prepare diligently for each delivery, extending our commitment to pre-clearance for Customs and pharmacy department requirements. Our expertise in healthcare logistics guarantees careful handling and precise delivery of your critical clinical trial materials whenever needed.

Our Last-Mile Delivery Services set new standards for precision and reliability. Our state-of-the-art coldroom warehouse and vigilant temperature monitoring systems guarantee the preservation of your temperature-sensitive goods until the final moments. We're committed to excellence, achieving 24-hour delivery in Peninsular Malaysia and 48 hours in East Malaysia, as reflected in our Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Our specialized cold chain vehicle fleet, including refrigerated trucks, Tailgate trucks, and Vans, maintains ideal conditions throughout the journey, ensuring cargo integrity. Recognizing the criticality of the last leg, our services prioritize quality, speed, and customer satisfaction.


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